Learn Danish fast and                  
efficiently at an intensive,    
customised course...

How will you benefit from the course?
Targeted training will improve your ability to master the Danish language in ordinary everyday situations. Your vocabulary will increase considerably, and you will be more confident using the language.

Who will benefit from the course?
Everybody - regardless of level - who wants to learn Danish fast and efficiently and who wants to be able to choose the time, place and duration of the course. Everybody who wants a customised course.

You decide the contents of the course
The training will be planned according to your specific learning needs based on your level and your purpose for taking the course. The topics discussed will be ordinary topics, but may also include topics relevant to your daily life. You are very welcome to bring your own materials. Suggested topics: - conversation training - telephone dialogue - shopping - ordering - grammar - pronunciation - social conventions - mentality and culture - your own material.

You choose the time, place and duration
You choose the time, place and duration depending on the ability level you wish to achieve. A typical course involves 60-90 lessons - with three lessons (two hours) each time, e.g. two times a week. You can choose either one-to-one lessons or a closed company course with up to six participants.

Training material
Books suited for your particular course will be used in the training. Training CDs are available for several of the books and may be ordered separately.

About the course
The course will be planned according to the Damsø & Damsø METHOD®. This ensures a customised course with optimum output. The overall structure of the course will be as follows: 1. Language test 2. Plan and objective for the course 3. Training 4. Evaluation 1 5. Final lesson - follow-up 6. Evaluation 2 During each session, you will go through a list of words learned at the previous session. You will repeat the words, inflect them and form sentences with the words. This is a good way to familiarize yourself with the words so that they become part of your normal active vocabulary.

Course fee
60 lessons, 20 sessions for 10 weeks (example).

1 participant DKR 35,700,-
2 participants DKR 39,000,- / Per participant DKR 19,500,-


The prices are excluding language test, books of DKR 799, - per participant, cost of transport (if relevant) and 25 % VAT. Courses for private persons are exempted from VAT. The number of lessons and duration of the course can be adapted and purchased to suit your wishes and language needs. The example above of 60 lessons will typically increase your oral language skills by one level.

We offer training every weekday from 8 am to 10 pm.

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