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In Danish we are also able to offer you three variations of teaching:

Individual tuition / Company group tuition
Here the general Danish tuition is combinable with the company-related use of the language. There will also be some focus on the linguistic needs of the individual participant.

Course fee
60 lessons, 20 sessions for 10 weeks (example).

1 participant DKR 28,500,-
2 participants DKR 30,000,- / Per participant DKR 15,000,-
3 participants DKR 31,500,- / Per participant DKR 10,500,-
4 participants DKR 33,000,- / Per participant DKR   8,250,-
5 participants DKR 34,500,- / Per participant DKR   6,900,-
6 participants DKR 36,000,- / Per participant DKR   6,000,-

The prices are excluding language test, books of DKR 699, - per participant, cost of transport (if relevant) and 25 % VAT. Courses for private persons are exempted from VAT. The number of lessons and duration of the course can be adapted and purchased to suit your wishes and language needs. The example above of 60 lessons will typically increase your oral language skills by one level. We offer training every weekday from 8 am to 10 pm. 

To give the participants the ability to understand and speak everyday Danish.

The content is general Danish, i.e. dialogues and text passages about everyday situations. The participants will furthermore obtain knowledge of the Danish mentality and social rules. Learn to enunciate the difficult Danish sounds, such as "rødgrød med fløde" and many more.

Pronouncing Danish 
The Danish language is not very easy  - especially the pronounciation is difficult. Apart from the nine vowels there are many vowel sounds that are closely related making it very hard to tell them apart (e.g. e, æ, a).

To enable the participant to hear the different sounds and be able to enunciate them. Thus ensuring the participants ability to make himself linguistically understandable to other people.

During the course there will be training in both single sounds and sentences. The Danish vowel sounds will be worked with thoroughly. Every participant will be given sound material for use at home.
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